March 16, 2006

Human Papillomavirus Vaccine vs. Religion

An update on the attempts to block the Human papillomavirus vaccine by the Religious Right in America from Sex Drive Daily
To withhold a medicine like this because you think teens will postpone sex if they know they're immune to HPV is appalling. First of all, they won't. Second of all, what if a girl remains virgin 'til her wedding night but her husband was wild and though he's now found Jesus and reformed, he has HPV ... does she "deserve" to contract it as well because some blithering idiots completely out of touch with sexuality, teenagers and the modern world have a religious objection to a vaccine? You don't want your daughter protected from HPV, fine, no one *requires* you to innoculate her.

It smacks of the old-school thinking that a girl's hymen was the most, almost the total, worth of her existence ... and that death was preferable to breaking that fragile membrane before her parents and the law said it was time.


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